Saturday, December 13, 2008

Waken Shake

Waken Shake! This fun new application combines several novel features that are sure to wake you up and get you going. When the alarm sounds, simply SHAKE the device and the alarm turns off. This minor physical activity is sure to jump-start your day and get you moving. You also have a snooze option, to get a few more minutes of rest, where you simply tap the button (no shaking necessary).

Waken Shake features 6 unique displays to choose from along with 5 different sounds. It also displays in 24-Hour Time if that is your set device preference. It also features variable brightness, easy to read landscape modes, and 8 adjustable snooze times. This alarm clock doubles as a sophisticated desk clock with several options for your home or office. It’s everything you need in a clock all in one.


rubens ( said...

Dear Friends,
I have seen your alarm on iTunes and have a suggestion that might make all the difference!
Lots of people (including myself) have a hard time getting up in the morning, we just "snooze" and end up being late. I suggest creating an alarm clock that will request mathematical puzzles or question answering to make it stop ringing. Shaking is a great idea, but not for us, the ones with a hard time getting up. By the time you finish those tasks, your brain should be awake and decide to get up!
Hope you develop this. I am sure there will be hundreds of people that would pay not to be late for meetings in the morning.

Ken Development said...

Rubens, that is a good idea. Do you think I should do complex addition 64+136 = ? or should I do easier yet more variations: 30/5 = ?, 6*12 =?.

I think if I included division or multiplication it would either be too hard or too easy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken, Saw that you listen to comments and suggestions so just one more. I'm hard of hearing and normally use a strobe light for an alarm clock (yes, a regular strobe light connected to an alarm clock with an AC outlet). I'm traveling a bit more now and find the alarm clocks at hotels aren't doing much to get me going in the AM. How about incorporating a flashing light display for an alternative waking alert.
Let me know if you're interested in a tester. I'm game!!
Joe (

Jeff said...

I have a suggestion if you care to hear it. The primary reason I'm looking for an alarm outside of the built-in alarm is to avoid having to turn up the volume on my iTouch...I usually like to browse or mess around just before bed and I turn the volume down to avoid bugging my wife with all the "clickity clicks". Well, I also usually forget to turn it back up before falling asleep...I don't use my iTouch as a alarm clock because of that but I would if I could find a good app that doesn't require me to adjust the volume.